Lean Fundamentals


You’ve heard about Lean, you have been told about the “magic results” that can come from implementing lean practices, and you may have even done some research yourself.  You are ready to make something happen – but there is so much to sort through, and you aren’t sure where to start.

 This is where to start.

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This full-day workshop will provide an understanding of both the “nuts and bolts” and the underlying philosophy of Lean, and how these two work together to bring results that most people think are simply not possible.  By the end of the day, you will have the basic lean skills to improve your company.  Guaranteed.

The goal of this workshop is to start you and your team out on the right foot.  We will strip away all the overinflated, (and honestly, pretty boring) “process engineering” add-ons, and live by three simple rules:  

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Keep it doable
  3. Do it.  Today.  No Excuses.

Put simply, we will go straight to the root of lean: you will learn how to see waste.  As you develop eyes for waste, you will see how simple it is to remove that waste from every process, every place, every product.  This “Easter egg hunt” starts to become almost a game for you and your team, and initiates a new level of engagement, excitement, and involvement in the company.

Your team will also learn true problem-solving. Typically, even if a company is lucky enough to have a few people interested in solving problems, those people end up solving symptoms instead, since the root-cause is often far removed from that ugly symptom we end up being confronted with.

 Are you tired of addressing a problem, only to see the same problem creep back up again?  Do you want to stop “symptom solving” and applying band-aids, and move to true problem-solving at the root cause?  You will learn how.  And best of all, it’s simple.

 A series of fun and engaging exercises will help you understand the specific aspects of lean which can be immediately applied in your organization.  Topics and tools such as Junk Words, Five Whys, the definition of value-added vs. non-value-added actions, The 7 Wastes, kaizen (small improvements, every day), and 3S will have your team buzzing with revitalized energy to “fix what bugs them” every day.

The tools you will take from this workshop, when applied, are capable of transforming your entire organization.  Of course there is more to learn, but even if your team only focused on this one day’s lessons, since lean is about identifying and removing waste, you will see tremendous results.