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Lean improvement at your doorstep.

The four workshops behind the links below have been designed to cover the four aspects of lean which provide the “biggest bang for your buck”.   These were crafted as a one-week boot camp, and they are also modular, so that we can rearrange them together, based upon the amount of time available, etc.  Depending on your specific situation, we can put together a customized plan which aims directly at addressing your needs.  Best of all, The Lean Workshop will be brought right to your door; no need to pay for your entire team to travel and deal with key people being off-site for any amount of time.  The improvements need to happen within your company, so where is the value in going away to try and improve what’s all around you?

All topics are a combination of training for your team and real improvement activities executed immediately.  The immediate application guarantees that return on investment starts the very same day we begin, and the hands-on training ensures that the returns will keep coming – and multiplying – as your team practices it’s new skills.

The arrangement of workshops can be customized, however “Lean Fundamentals” is necessary to lay the groundwork for the other sessions.   The commitment to keeping this simple and doable means just that – stick to the basics, don’t try to get fancy yet, and focus on perfecting those basic work habits.  Focusing on building strength in these 4 very basic areas will take your company 90% of the way.  (To offer some perspective, it is not unreasonable to spend your first two full years just on the information gained in the “3S – Visual Workplace” workshop, as the learning and benefits start to spiral upward and offer increasing depth of understanding and increasing benefits as the 3S habits generate a culture of excellence.)

*If, after reading this, you still feel that you and your team do not want to “start small”, call me at (337)-344-4326.  I will listen to your concerns.  We can also look at the difference between “simple” and “small”.  A mountain is simple, after all.. isn’t it?  There is nothing “small” about the information in these workshops.  In fact, you should prepare yourself for the opposite.

Here you can find the workshops currently being offered.
Click Here for Lean Fundamentals
Click Here for 3S – Visual Workplace
Click Here for Kaizen
Click Here for Value Stream Mapping