Have a specific problem?


Do you have a specific problem or a need within your organization?  We often get stuck on a problem that seems to keep coming back, over and over.

If you have ever found yourself thinking “Did we already solve this last year??”, or “Why are we back in this situation again?”, you are not alone.  Not coincidentally, the people trying to solve the problem (you and your team), are the same group who unintentionally created the problem.  Let’s be honest – the problem didn’t walk in the door one morning and set up shop on it’s own.

To make things more difficult and frustrating, few people have had any solid, objective, problem-solving training.  This leaves you and your team saying “hopefully this time, it worked.  Hopefully.”

There is an alternative.  Specialized workshops addressing a specific need can be brought to your company to finally get to the root cause of those ongoing issues.  And once the root cause is determined (or there may be multiple causes combining), action can be taken and standards can be set to prevent the condition from arising again.  Call Jeremy Sullivan at 337-344-4326 to explain what you are facing.  The solutions are available.